Holistic Wellness

SAMBHAV – Journey of Hope

Just a little food for thought. We would like to bring your focus to the difference between wellness and wellbeing. Wellness is the state or quality of being healthy. Health can refer to a number of aspects, including mental, emotional, and physical health. Well-being is the state of being healthy, happy, or successful. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the USA, well-being focuses on having a positive outlook on life and feelings of positivity when approaching various situations and activities. Presenting SAMBHAV – JOURNEY OF HOPE, a program specially curated for the holistic wellbeing of cancer patients and their loved ones.
We, at SAMBHAV, walk together with you as we believe that the mind plays an important role in the wellbeing of any patient and when the mind is attracted to the right positive energy, each effort to make the patient feel better multiplies manifolds.
During the process of cancer management, diagnosis and treatment can be quite stressful and give immense anxiety to the patient and family members. Being a part of this program would give an enriching experience to the patient as well as loved ones around them. Focusing on well-being and combating stress is one way, a family can look for brighter days ahead irrespective of the degree of disease.
As they say, the quality of life is more important than life itself. We may not have the control to add years to one’s life but we definitely have the power to add the life to years we already have!

Consumer Genomics:

We all have inherited a unique set of genes from our parents. This original constitution, as well as the influence of various environmental factors throughout life, contribute to differences between one person and another in terms of appearance, sensitivity to certain types of treatment, susceptibility to diseases, and habits. A Genetic test helps in understanding you at a genetic level. We conduct genetic tests to determine whether or not a particular gene or chromosome has changed. These changes also known as polymorphisms are what makes us unique as an individual. We study these polymorphisms in your DNA and correlate them with the existing database to come up with possible effects of these variations.

Sports Genomic:

Every Individual comprises of some key factors associated with genetics (acquired or inherited), ancestry (family history) and exposure which may be lifestyle or environmental. During lifetime, various intrinsic (age, gender, diseases) and extrinsic (motivation, resources) factors interact among each other which helps influence the individual’s performance as an athlete. It has been evaluated that genetic variations may be involved for evaluating the performance phenotypes. This is known as sports genomics. The influence of genetics on sports performance of athletes is associated with strength, flexibility, neuromuscular coordination, endurance, power and psychological traits. These traits are inheritable in up to 66% individuals. However, genetic predisposition is also accompanied by epigenetic and environmental factors for athletes to become champions./