Molecular / Targeted Therapy

Molecular / Targeted Therapy in Gurugram

Unlike normal cells, cancer cells have changes in their genes (DNA). Targeted therapy entails the use of drugs to precisely identify and destroy specific cancerous cells. Targeted therapies are used alone or sometimes in conjunction with other treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation therapy, depending upon the patient’s situation. When targeted therapy is part of your treatment plan, understanding how it works can make it easier for you to plan and make informed decisions.
Like other cancer-treating drugs, targeted therapy drugs belong to the category of chemotherapy. However, targeted therapy drugs do not work the same way as traditional or standard chemotherapy (chemo). Cancer cells differ from normal cells in some ways that targeted drugs target.

Molecular targets for cancer therapies are drugs that target specific molecular structures involved in tumorigenesis. Contrary to chemotherapy, which kills both healthy, non-cancerous, and cancer cells simultaneously, targeted therapies are far more precise and potentially more effective, and less invasive in cancer treatment. Most targeted therapies are small-molecule drugs that act on targets found inside the cell (usually protein tyrosine kinases) or monoclonal antibodies directed against tumor-specific proteins on the cell surface. Molecular targeted therapy will help you to recover in either of the following ways:

  • Destroy cancer cells by assisting the immune system.
  • Ensure that cancer cells do not grow.
  • Signals that are responsible for forming blood vessels are stopped.
  • Infuse cancer cells with substances that kill them.
  • The extent of the cancer cell damage is such that the cells will die.
  • Stop the growth of cancer by starving it of hormones.
Therapies targeted at cancer cells are designed to target particular substances or areas within the cancer cells or are capable of detecting and blocking certain types of messages sent inside cancer cells that stimulate their growth. The therapy is carried out in either of the two processes, depending upon the need:
Infusions are used for some targeted therapies. A soft plastic tube, very tiny called a catheter, is inserted directly into your bloodstream during intravenous chemotherapy. It is done in the hospital under the guidance of Doctors.
Targeted therapy drugs can be swallowed by mouth just like other medicines. The majority of targeted oral therapies are taken at home after being prescribed by the Doctors. Targeted therapies can treat many kinds of cancer, and there are many types of targeted therapies.
The growth of blood vessels that nourish cancer cells are blocked.

These molecule-deliver molecules deliver drugs directly into or onto cancer cells to damage them.

These disrupt normal cell functions, so the cancer cells die.

These disrupt cell signals so that they change the actions of the cancer cell.